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Riga Black Balsam Classic 0.5L
Riga Black Balsam Classic 0.5L
18+Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful for your health
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Product Description
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The legendary recipe of Riga Black Balsam Classic dates back to 1752. Classic Riga Balsam was created by a pharmacist Abraham Kunze as a medicine for the Russian Empress Catherine II. The recipe was so successful that even today, many years later, “Riga Black Balsam" is the standard of quality and traditional ceramic bottle is known worldwide. The recipe contains 24 natural ingredients, including grain alcohol of highest quality, natural herbal extracts, Peruvian balsam, sugar, brandy, raspberry, blueberry, ginger and honey.

Exceptional attention to the quality of raw materials allows the Riga balm to preserve the properties of each component, so that the balm can be used as a drink on its own, and as a flavor for tea or coffee, as well as ice cream or cocktails.

The taste is bitter-sweet, with distinct notes of raspberries, blueberries, ginger and nutmeg, the texture of the Riga Black Balsam is viscous and thick. The rich herbal aroma is intense and deep. Nowadays the Riga Black Balsam isn`t just a drink — it's a tradition, one of the symbols of Latvia.

Manufacturer: Latvijas Balzams


Water, rectified ethanol, sugar, concentrated juice of black currant, raspberry ethanol tincture, ethanol ginger infusion, ethanol nutmeg infusion, brandy, blueberry juice, herbal tincture, blackcurrant flavor identical to natural. Peru balsam.

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Riga Black Balsam Classic 0.5L
Riga Black Balsam Classic 0.5L
€9.30* €10.00 -7%
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